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Hidden Disabilities, The Book

Hidden Disabilities is an insightful new book which, in addition to autobiographical elements, describes the reasons we spend so much time and energy hiding our demons.  This time and energy could be better spent improving our lives and working to become happier and more successful.

The Author

 Rickey R. Nunn was born in August of 1956, in Orlando, Florida. At the age of 2 1/2, doctors discovered he was afflicted with Cerebral Palsy.  Cerebral Palsy is a brain injury suffered during the birth process. The injury affected both of his arms and legs, requiring braces and surgeries through much of his childhood.

By the age of three, he had started attending a special education school for the physically "handicapped" (the term at the time) and excelled in a demanding academic environment. After "mainstreaming" to public junior and senior high school, Rickey found the environment less demanding but more varied and stimulating.

 At home, as the oldest member of a growing family, he was expected to do the same chores his brothers and sisters did, even if it took longer. 

When he brought home his first "C" in math, his mother despaired at his lack of accomplishment. When Rickey questioned the difference between her expectations of him and his siblings, she replied, "They can dig ditches for a living, you can't."

His successes in college, as an undergraduate, were not as sterling as his previous academic accomplishments. Uncertain in his career choice, Rickey left college prior to graduating. 

Rickey Nunn did return to school twelve years later, earning a certification in computer programming.

He spent the next 25 years in Information Technology and the last 20 years designing databases as a Data Modeler/Architect for various corporations.

Rickey has always dabbled in writing. In 2012, he became more committed to his writing after the maturation of his Hidden Disabilities concept. He began writing his first book, "Hidden Disabilities", in his spare time; almost exclusively on weekends while working full-time.

 "Hidden Disabilities has been greatly anticipated by many.   

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Before publishing Hidden Disabilities, some of the chapters didn't make the cut, but I saved them, just in case.

What follows will be some of the omitted chapters, paragraphs, or thoughts that may add clarity to what Hidden Disabilities is about and provide a medium for others to comment.

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